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Keith Terry is a percussionist/rhythm-dancer/educator whose artistic vision has straddled the line between music and dance for more than four decades.  As a soloist he has appeared in such settings as Lincoln Center, Bumbershoot, NPR’s All Things Considered, PRI's The World, the Vienna International Dance Festival, and the Paradiso van Slag World ...

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Samantha Brickler

Chant, Stomps, and Beatboxing: The International Body Music Festival Gives Musicians, Dancers, and Cultural Adventurers a Rare Chance to Explore Balinese Culture and Body Music from the Inside

Crosspulse presents the 7th International Body Music Festival (IBMF) in Bali, Indonesia, 3-12 July, 2015, co-directed by Keith Terry (IBMF founder) and I Wayan Dibia, with Executive Director Evie Ladin, and local producer Rucina Ballinger.  IBMF will feature Balinese artists, plus international Body Music artists from the US, Canada, Brazil, Colombia, and Spain -- in concerts, workshops, cross-cultural collaborations, jam sessions, an open mic, and more.  The IBMF offers a unique immersion opportunity for the international participants to experience Balinese culture. The International Body Music Festival is co-sponsored by the Gianyar Regional Government and GEOKS.

Body Music - clapping, snapping, stepping and vocalizing - is an amalgam of composition and choreography, music you can see, dance you can hear. Ancient forms of embodied knowledge, the various Body Musics of the world contain kinesthetic “libraries” of memories and cultural heritage. The International Body Music Festival is both a culmination of Crosspulse’s 30 years developing Body Music as a communicative performance art and educational model; and a jumping off place for a powerful forum of cross-cultural rhythmic performance and community development.

IBMF Bali will explore a variety of styles of KECAK, as the international artists share their traditional and contemporary styles of Body Music with local Kecak groups in five villages in the regency of Gianyar:  Singapadu, Pengosekan, Bona, Bedulu and Tegallalang.  Workshops and performances in each village are open to the public.  The IBMF opening concert will be at the Bali Arts Festival in Denpasar on 3 July, 2015 and festivities will culminate in a 400 person COLLOSAL KECAK on 12 July, 2015 at the Open Stage in Gianyar town – specially commissioned by IBMF and directed by I Wayan Dibia.  Cultural excursions will provide the international participants with additional opportunities to see the roots of Balinese culture.

The International Body Music Festival has become the meeting ground for the various styles of global Body Music. Since 2008, the IBMF has traveled the world, from Brazil to Turkey and Italy, though every other year it returns to its home base of San Francisco.

The Festival is a moving hub for performers who engage with humanity’s first instrument: the body itself. The shushing of palms, the snapping of fingers, the stomping of feet, and the seemingly infinite potential of the throat and mouth have inspired people worldwide to create moving music, audible dance. Tap, stepping, hambone, flamenco, beatbox, every style that forefronts the sounds of bodies in motion. It’s the oldest music on the planet, and it’s brand new.

A featured performance throughout the 7th IBMF Bali will be Body Tjak, an on-going intercultural collaboration between Indonesians and North and South Americans that began in 1990. This current collaboration, which premiered at the 6th IBMF San Francisco, features members of Bali’s Cudamani, USA’s Corposonic, and Brazil’s Barbatuques, and will be the final installment of this special 25-year collaboration: the final gong in a very long rhythmic cycle.

The Body Tjak Project was founded in 1985 by Keith Terry and I Wayan Dibia, and resulted in their first full evening-length collaboration, performed in Bali, Java,  and the US in 1990.  Body Tjak has always included a mash up of Terry’s style of Body Music and Balinese Kecak, artistic ingredients that have borrowed by other Indonesian artists to create  other “Body Tjak kreasi baru” (new creations).

Keith Terry states “I’ve been collaborating with Balinese artists for more than three decades, and have always been particularly drawn to their Body Music style, Kecak. The interlocking vocal patterns, coupled with synchronized movement, story, humor, plus the incorporation of new ideas, specifically my own Body Music style, into the genre, has been a thrilling, ongoing intercultural collaboration.  The community celebrates the music and dance coming solely from the instrument we all share. It transcends cultural boundaries and provides in-roads to cross-cultural experience.”

This experience goes two ways.   Both the Kecak troupes and the international artists will have the opportunity to work with each other in a rare artistic exchange like no other.

Confirmed teachers/performers (more announced weekly on our website):

A Mano Limpia (SPAIN)
Molodi (USA)
Theatre A Tempo (CANADA)
Tupac Mantilla (COLOMBIA)
Yolanda Gonzalez Sobrado (SPAIN)
Bourask (CANADA)
Corposonic (USA)
Barbatuques (BRAZIL)
Pedro Consorte (BRAZIL)
Cudamani (BALI)
I Wayan Dibia (BALI)
Sanggar Paripurna (BALI)
KECAK Singapadu (BALI)

Workshops by the international artists will be held at the Suly Resort and Spa in Peliatan, Ubud from July 3-10, 2015 in the mornings.   Each workshop costs Rp 50,000 for KTP holders and Rp 150,000 for others.   Performances in six villages (see for details) will showcase both the local Kecak of that village as well as IBMF’s international artists.  These performances are free for KTP holders and Rp 150,000 for others.  All events are open to the public.

For further information, contact:  Rucina Ballinger
081 238 05623